Sunday, December 22, 2013

Secret Sister Santa Swap

Sunday last week my two sisters and my sister in law and myself, met up in Clare for our Secret Sister Santa Swap.

By the time the due date came around there was 31 people at the luncheon in one of the local pubs.

My dad and my step mum were able to travel to Clare with my brother and his partner. This was very exciting as this gave not only them but other members of the family a chance to meet the latest additions to our families.

How exciting having us all together and once lunch was over, we all went to a park for the kids to have a run around.

This is where once all settled in our deck chairs we swapped presents.

 Susan,  Sally,  Deb and myself.

Back a few years ago I asked my sister Deb is she wanted to do a fat 1/4 swap and this we did a couple of times. Then it grew into what is now a Christmas Swap.

Funny part was when we drew out the names, Sue pulled out Sally's and Sally pulled out Sue's name. That left myself and Deb to pull out each other's name.

My little bag came from the "Some Kind of Wonderful" book.

Next year its even bigger as Sue's daughter and her daughter in law have now joined in the swap. So its gone from 2 people to 6 now. 

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RETA said...

Your Santa Swap with family looked like fun! I hope you will have a very Merry Christmas!!!!