Saturday, November 16, 2013

2014 is nearly here.

Each year around this time I make a new diary cover for the up coming year. Instead of pulling out a boring looking book, I get to see a pretty cover.
Usually I tend to make the cover to show what I have been doing for the year that is nearly finished, This year I found I was doing and enjoying machine applique.

With my love for my cats I thought some silhouettes of cats would bed a nice way to go. I was going to put 4 cats on the front and back. But it didn't look right, So I went with 5 cats on the front.

Three cats on the back.

I'm a big fan of Shadow Play fabric and thought these cats would  look great in this fabric. Not only that, it wold use up those little scraps of fabric.

I haven't done much shadow quilting, does it show? 

Making this diary cover was lots of fun. I stepped outside my comfort zone and tried two new sewing forms. 


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1 comment:

angela said...

Looks lovely, isnt it terrible how fast this year has gone.