Thursday, August 1, 2013

Couple Of Finished Items.

 So pleased to be able to show you a couple of completed items. These have been sitting or hanging on my table or coat hanger for ages. Just so happy to see them finished and being able to be used.

Back in 2009 I started making  a Dear Jane quilt and had no idea what I was getting into. I wasn't happy with the needle turn in my blocks and so I started from scratch.

Not liking waste I decided to turn the blocks into a couple of cushions. A quilter can never have too many cushions laying around the house.

One of the two cushions finished and this one is for my daughter-in-law Tamara. The other one I have just the hand binding to be done and that one is mine.

 Table runner finally completed and ready for use. I started these blocks back 2 winters ago and it was packed away when Pat was hospitalized with pneumonia.

I am sure you can relate to my statement of, "feels so good to have a UFO finished". My white board list is looking must better and more items crossed off.

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Larissa said...

They both look lovely Lucky!! Well done on getting some of those UFO's off the list!!!