Sunday, June 2, 2013


 Gosh it's been almost three months since I last posted on my blog. A lot has happened and I have been busy in so many directions.

First off sorry I didn't get part 2 posted on our Lets Get Stitched weekend. But here is a picture of one of the finished projects I made.

I love this bag and I used a French General range by Moda . This is a Fiona Ransley design.

Inside of the bag. I know I will be making more of these as they will make great gifts.

As for being M.I.A.

Lot has happened. Couple of months ago my other cat "Rebel" was diagnosed with Cancer. It wasn't the result we were expecting when we went to the vet. Loosing Rebel bought back all the hurt of loosing my darling Lucky.  So it was a very hard time going through the grieving period again.

I haven't been slack by any means. Been busy as I have taken up being an Avon Lady again. I started that back at the beginning of Feb. I even have quilting  friends order through me and I post all over Australia. Postal orders get 10% off their order, due to having to also pay for postage. Now that was a  plug and a half wasn't it?

Been busy with Patrick and his health issues. Last week he had his hand operated on and so I am busy doing things like cutting up his meat and tying shoe laces. Be glad one this ends and frees up some time for other things.  Plus I am chief  bottle washer. This will be on going for a few weeks....bugger hey??

Had a fox raid and attack my ducks a couple of nights ago. I lost Daphene number 1, while Bundy, Sunny and Daphene number 2 were also mauled. Rhett was the only duck the fox didn't get hold of. I am thinking it was a young fox.  Also that evening they were attacked we had our wettest day in 10 month.

That leads me to the following photos.

I needed some me time. No one wanting me for anything, this includes the fur kids. We still have Harley, Pat's Siamese and Amy's two cats.

For the last 24 hours I have been stitching the binding up on a wall hanger. When its finished I'll show you it. Plus some zipper bags made out of some left over honey bun rolls.

I love the prettiness of this bag. I didn't have enough of the pink for the top piece, so I added

the pink stripey fabric.

Then today I made this zipper bag and had time to make the third one.

Really happy with the look of all 3 bags I have made this weekend. I feel like I have achieved something in my sewing area. Sewing therapy is good for the soul.

 Still some honey bun strips left over for more zipper bags on another day. They'll make great gifts.

I hope not to leave it so long til the next post.

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angela said...

Welcome back. So sorry for your loss. I too lost my beautiful baby in January. I only lasted two weeks without w kitty and now I have a new baby. Her name is Bella and she has helped to heal my heart. I hope you heal soon too

Liz said...

Very productive time. I love your Zipper Bags.