Tuesday, January 8, 2013

On The Move

There is a bit of a reshuffle in the sewing room and gym room. When Cooper spends the day or night with us, his cot is in the gym room. This has been okay to a point.

We have to move out "stuff" to use the gym and this some days is a pain in the bum and we don't get into the gym for a work out. I want this to change and so I have given up my sewing room.

To an extent. I still have my gear in there, but not my sewing cabinet.

This will be a better idea as the sewing room is a bit bigger and much brighter. Not only that, safer as I don't have an all in-one gym set behind me when I step back.

At some stage down the track, we'll have to put a single bed in there. That will be sorted out with a trip to Ikea.

This area is a bit of an issue. Once I have a wall unit the tall boy and this cabinet will be replaced   This will then free up a good amount of space and there will be  room for a single bed then, plus the cot.

My sewing cabinet is in the kitchen/dining area and we have a spot for that as well. But we have to move a bit of furniture in the back room.

Stay tuned.

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barb's creations said...

Must be that time of year for re-organizing the seing room,would love to see and after photo when it's transformed :) Barb.