Saturday, January 12, 2013

Oh Pooh.

My run on this wall hanger "Tis The Season" has come to a temporary halt. I don't have enough of the fabric left over for the last border. I'll use that fabric for the binding.

Can't buy any fabric until later in the month and then I am hoping to have this one finished and crossed off my white board before February starts.

Don't mind admitting I was very disappointed with not being able to finish the wall hanger. I thought it would be a good idea to finish each item I picked to complete. Still its not a draw out of the way, but hanging on a coat hanger where I can see it.

This morning I have been cleaning up and packing away the bits of fabric not needed and cleaning out the door of my sewing machine. I like to do this at the end of each project.

I'm going to use this time while waiting to buy the fabric, to get stuck in to James and Tamara's quilt. Was going to sandwich and quilt the sampler quilt, but I need more quilting pins. Thinking about maybe getting some of those "things" that go on the ends of the pins. So I don't need to use quilting safety pins. This too has been on hold until I buy the fabric for "Tis The Season".

If you use those little do-dars on the end of your quilting pins, tell me what you think of them please.

Thought I'd show you the hexies I have been collecting for a while in a monthly swap. Wondering what to make with them. I'm thinking maybe a quilt?

Any ideas would be wonderful.


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Gloria said...

Looks Good Leanne!!! SO hate it when I run out of fabric. You will love it all the more when it is done.

Gloria said...

Looks Great Leanne. So hate it when I run out of fabric. You will love it all the more when it's done.

Domac said...

You're a busy lady, Leanne - everything looks good so far. It will be good when you get the fabric to finish the wall hanging - something to look forward to, eh!

barb's creations said...

Bummer,nothing worse than having to stop due to fabric running out.It looks lovely Leanne and will definately be worth the wait :) Barb.

Liz said...

Looks very nice. Will be so nice finished. The hexis are lovely. Some very clever friends you have.:)

Diana said...

Love the Pinmoors Lucky, Marilyn gave me a couple of Pkts when she was here, boy they aren't cheap here in Oz, I did see them on line somewhere, my LQS doesnt have them.

susan nieuwoudt said...

Lovely work as always and so busy. I am lucky I have a bedroom to myself for a sewingroom. Just love it esp now with the new shelving hubby has installed, but still need a few shelves more. heheheh