Thursday, January 3, 2013

Great Start To The New year

I made this list on my white board in the sewing room, back in the middle of December. I'm not sure how much I will complete in the next 12 months. But I am planning on giving it a good try at clearing it all off, but Farmer's Wife and Dear Jane quilts.

Its hot here in Adelaide, a real stinker. This morning I pushed my sewing cabinet down into the back rooms, where the a/c is. I took over an area and the kitchen table and boy I sure got a lot of sewing done.

I've had this pocket and 

this pocket hanging on a coat hanger for I am sure most of 2012.
The percentage done on this item didn't change much at all in the side bar listing of what is on my coat hangers.

Today I made these 2 pockets and the handles. The yellow fabric came from a fellow quilter I swap swapping with a couple of years back. Been hanging onto the fabric for a special project Sue and that day has arrived. The yellow fabric is the lining and the green is the outside fabric.

 Also I made these 2 "T" pieces and tomorrow I'll quilt them free motion. Next step will be to start putting the bag together. I"m not adding a coin purse or a zipper, so it'll not take as long.

The rose fabric for the outside reminds me of the tapestry look of a sewing machine tote trolly.

Now you know what I got up to while the outside world sweltered. I did take many trips out the back, keeping cool water up to the poultry. My bunny Buddy had a frozen 3 ltr milk bottle of water, so he just laid against that all day.

I'll post again tomorrow night to show you where I am up to.

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Pip said...

At least you are keeping cool and doing some sewing Lucky, the next few days will be good sewing days I think.