Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bag All Finished

I can not believe I have finished my bag in two and a half days. I think the heatwave helped as no one visited and it was too hot for house work.

It was just me, my sewing machine the fur kids and Pat. Plus the DVD player as there was nothing of interest on the TV.

Lets take a look at my bag.

Today I started off by making the binding and pinning it to the sides and sewing it on. This was a bit on the fiddly side sewing the corners. But once I remembered the bag wasn't breakable and started pulling and shoving then bag under the walking foot, all went well.

After the binding was on, it was time for the small pockets. These are sewn on last and then all that was left was to sit in front of another DVD (as Pat was watching a movie) and do the hand sewing side of the binding.

I keep thinking this pocket is my favourite  and then when I see the other side......

I think this is my favourite side. Love how the binding has just tidied up all those raw edges so well.

I used  my fav colour green for the side pockets. 

For a couple of appliqued pockets that stared back at me for most of last year and after  2.5 days of working on it,  I can now put items in there to be left for sewing days. I am wondering why it took me so long to complete it.

That's one item I can cross off my white board. Now onto the next item.

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Sandi said...

great bag, I dont know which pocket is my favorite one either..

Michell Krawczyk said...

Lovely bag. hope it cools down for you soon. We complain here when the temp is in the 30's. How you guys cope with it being in the 40's...oh my

susan nieuwoudt said...

Just love the bag, I have also made one and my daughter took it and now have all the stuff for one for me but not started yet. grrr.

wackywoman said...

I love it Leanne. And it will be so useful! Bonus!

Ondrea said...

That is a fantastic bag!! I wish I enjoyed making bags but I find them
too fiddly.

Anonymous said...

wow very nice,well done .xx

barb's creations said...

Such a gorgeous and very practical bag Leanne,love it! :) Barb.