Saturday, January 12, 2013

Oh Pooh.

My run on this wall hanger "Tis The Season" has come to a temporary halt. I don't have enough of the fabric left over for the last border. I'll use that fabric for the binding.

Can't buy any fabric until later in the month and then I am hoping to have this one finished and crossed off my white board before February starts.

Don't mind admitting I was very disappointed with not being able to finish the wall hanger. I thought it would be a good idea to finish each item I picked to complete. Still its not a draw out of the way, but hanging on a coat hanger where I can see it.

This morning I have been cleaning up and packing away the bits of fabric not needed and cleaning out the door of my sewing machine. I like to do this at the end of each project.

I'm going to use this time while waiting to buy the fabric, to get stuck in to James and Tamara's quilt. Was going to sandwich and quilt the sampler quilt, but I need more quilting pins. Thinking about maybe getting some of those "things" that go on the ends of the pins. So I don't need to use quilting safety pins. This too has been on hold until I buy the fabric for "Tis The Season".

If you use those little do-dars on the end of your quilting pins, tell me what you think of them please.

Thought I'd show you the hexies I have been collecting for a while in a monthly swap. Wondering what to make with them. I'm thinking maybe a quilt?

Any ideas would be wonderful.


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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

On The Move

There is a bit of a reshuffle in the sewing room and gym room. When Cooper spends the day or night with us, his cot is in the gym room. This has been okay to a point.

We have to move out "stuff" to use the gym and this some days is a pain in the bum and we don't get into the gym for a work out. I want this to change and so I have given up my sewing room.

To an extent. I still have my gear in there, but not my sewing cabinet.

This will be a better idea as the sewing room is a bit bigger and much brighter. Not only that, safer as I don't have an all in-one gym set behind me when I step back.

At some stage down the track, we'll have to put a single bed in there. That will be sorted out with a trip to Ikea.

This area is a bit of an issue. Once I have a wall unit the tall boy and this cabinet will be replaced   This will then free up a good amount of space and there will be  room for a single bed then, plus the cot.

My sewing cabinet is in the kitchen/dining area and we have a spot for that as well. But we have to move a bit of furniture in the back room.

Stay tuned.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Grand Babies Visiting

  I am behind on my hexi swap on "Our Craft Forum". I mean I am really behind. Got so carried away with the Christmas gift making and being so sick.

Three months behind to be honest.

These were posted this morning to their new owners. I didn't want to send them leading up to the Christmas New Year holidays.

I so hope they fit in well in their new gardens.

I machine quilted there 2 heart blocks and are now ready for posting off to a lady who is making a quilt for someone. These were done yesterday afternoon, but I wanted to know about writing my name and country on them before posted. So they missed this mornings trip to the post office.

These stitcheries are from the "Tis the season"  I was doing a stitch a-long  back in 2011. It become too much for me when Pat was sick with pneumonia. So I packed it away until now.

This one was stitched while watching Die Hard on TV last night.

Started this one towards the end of the movie last night and finished it today before some little visitors arrived for the morning/afternoon.

I'll start another one tonight while watching "Jaws" on TV. Yes I did play the movie on DVD the other day. But if you know me, you know what sort of movies I love.

We had a couple of little cuties visit us today.

River came and visited us from 11 am till about 4 pm as her mummy and daddy went out as its their first wedding anniversary today. Lunch and the flicks to celebrate. It was cool in the house so a light wrap was needed. 

Cooper arrived around 1.30 and stayed until 5 pm, he thought my ugg boots were just the thing to walk around the house in. He's saying new words and was taught by Auntie Fiona while in Melbourne last month to say "cheers" with his bottle. LOL it so cute.

Lots to show today and I am so pleased with how my list is going down and I am just thrilled to think so far so good in the sewing room.

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bag All Finished

I can not believe I have finished my bag in two and a half days. I think the heatwave helped as no one visited and it was too hot for house work.

It was just me, my sewing machine the fur kids and Pat. Plus the DVD player as there was nothing of interest on the TV.

Lets take a look at my bag.

Today I started off by making the binding and pinning it to the sides and sewing it on. This was a bit on the fiddly side sewing the corners. But once I remembered the bag wasn't breakable and started pulling and shoving then bag under the walking foot, all went well.

After the binding was on, it was time for the small pockets. These are sewn on last and then all that was left was to sit in front of another DVD (as Pat was watching a movie) and do the hand sewing side of the binding.

I keep thinking this pocket is my favourite  and then when I see the other side......

I think this is my favourite side. Love how the binding has just tidied up all those raw edges so well.

I used  my fav colour green for the side pockets. 

For a couple of appliqued pockets that stared back at me for most of last year and after  2.5 days of working on it,  I can now put items in there to be left for sewing days. I am wondering why it took me so long to complete it.

That's one item I can cross off my white board. Now onto the next item.

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Friday, January 4, 2013

More On The Quilters Carry All

 Another very hot day here and this morning Pat gave me a fright.  I was in one of the front rooms on the phone and when finished, I found him on the floor in the kitchen. He was bending over and this triggered an asthma attack.

Long story short he's okay and has been resting all day. While Pat rested I continued working on the bag and keeping an eye on him at the same time.


Really pleased how much I have gotten done with the quilter's carry all bag today. Next step today was pinning and hand sewing the pockets to the front and back of the bag.

This was done keeping Pat company watching Jaws on DVD.  Yes the water did help to keep me

Next to be done was drawing the lines I needed to use and sew the two "T" pieces together.

Starting to look like a bag. 

Just want to say a big thank you to my sister Deb, who helped me out with the directions when I was having a blond moment. Never talked to her so much as what I have the last 2 days.

Abby checking out the bag while I was taking photos.

Can't believe the appliqued pockets are now on the bag and not hanging on a coat hanger in my sewing room. That 6 coat hanger rule works well, as I am not sure I'd be this far if I didn't keep the pockets "in my face" on the wall.

All that is left to be done on my quilting bag is the binding and the two smaller pockets sewn on each end. Not sure if I'll do this or make a start after tea tonight or put my feet up and rest on my laurels.

I do hope your keeping cool if in the heatwave areas.

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Great Start To The New year

I made this list on my white board in the sewing room, back in the middle of December. I'm not sure how much I will complete in the next 12 months. But I am planning on giving it a good try at clearing it all off, but Farmer's Wife and Dear Jane quilts.

Its hot here in Adelaide, a real stinker. This morning I pushed my sewing cabinet down into the back rooms, where the a/c is. I took over an area and the kitchen table and boy I sure got a lot of sewing done.

I've had this pocket and 

this pocket hanging on a coat hanger for I am sure most of 2012.
The percentage done on this item didn't change much at all in the side bar listing of what is on my coat hangers.

Today I made these 2 pockets and the handles. The yellow fabric came from a fellow quilter I swap swapping with a couple of years back. Been hanging onto the fabric for a special project Sue and that day has arrived. The yellow fabric is the lining and the green is the outside fabric.

 Also I made these 2 "T" pieces and tomorrow I'll quilt them free motion. Next step will be to start putting the bag together. I"m not adding a coin purse or a zipper, so it'll not take as long.

The rose fabric for the outside reminds me of the tapestry look of a sewing machine tote trolly.

Now you know what I got up to while the outside world sweltered. I did take many trips out the back, keeping cool water up to the poultry. My bunny Buddy had a frozen 3 ltr milk bottle of water, so he just laid against that all day.

I'll post again tomorrow night to show you where I am up to.

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