Saturday, December 1, 2012

Today is the 1st December and as this month starts and the year draws to a close, it has me thinking of what I have  done this year and what I am looking forward to making next year.

Taking out 1  hospital stay for Pat and 4 or 5 hospital stays for me and a couple of  day surgeries I have in my books achieved a lot this year.

My medical diary all set up for next years appointment. I am hoping there will be not as many for me this time round. Already I am penciling in appointments for Pat.

I thought I go hexi style for next years book.

This year has been a big year for me quilting wise. I made

  • 3 senior quilts
  • With my 2 sisters and sister in law, we made a quilt for our dad's birthday.
  • A quilt for our 3 week old granddaughter, River
  • A quilt that was to be a Christmas present to Amy's in laws. But due to so many greedy people sending bills out (don't you just love those bills?) we all have decided to just buy for the grand kids. So I have a quilt top that needs just 1 more border and its ready to be quilted.
  • The swaps listed on the side bar.
  • 3 BOM that need to be finished.
  • Plus all the other odds and ends I have been busy with.

As you can see its been rather busy this year. I'm very proud of what I have achieved this year and can't wait to see what next year brings.

Looking towards 2013 I am calling this one, "year of finishing off items".

I have had some long term items on my coat hangers and they ready do need to be finished before I can start new projects.

  • There is my quilter's tote bag. I met the designer last month at the quilting fair and she gave me some tips to make the job easier putting the bag together.
  • The dilly bag hanging in a zip lock bag, no dust on it but its looking a bit like furniture now.
  • Also I'd love to quilt the round  robin medallion I did in 2010 with the craft girls. That is on a coat hanger too.
  • Plus I want to finish James & Tamara's wedding quilt before their 20th anniversary and River goes to
  • Also we are in Melbourne next weekend for our nephew's wedding on Pat's side. They are getting a civil war reproduction quilt. That has to be started.
  • Plus I'd like to revisit my Dear Jane and Farmer's Wife quilts as well.
Then of course there is those usual little projects that pop up through out the year.

So there you have it, my thoughts on this year and next year in my sewing room.

Have you started to think what you would like to do next year?  Also how about this year? Are you happy with what you made this year?

I hope so.


Pip said...

I want to finish off some things next year too. You have achieved a lot this year despite your hospital stays, blogging is a nice record of what you have done isn't it.

Liz said...

You have done very well this year with your sewing and appointments. I have not been pleased with my sewing achievements and plan to do so much better next year. I have been blessed with looking after my gk's 3 days a week so that has been very special.