Sunday, December 23, 2012

Just So Hot Outside.

Temp today got to 42.1 and while it was sweltering outside, Pat, myself and the fur kids hid inside. Countless trips outside checking on the animals made me appreciate the a/c even more.

I moved my sewing machine into the kitchen for the day. Nothing like sewing with the a/c blowing over me while I am sewing.

Today I finished the quilting side on the grand kids quilt for when they come and visit us. It will be used in the cot, on the lounge and for River when she has tummy time.

I had done some trial quilting on scrap fabric before I started on the quilt. I bought a roll of this quilting paper at the Quilting Fair in November. My sister Debbie swears by this and I can understand why.

Figured the heart style was an easy one for me to follow and get used to. James and Tamara gave me a gift voucher last year for Christmas and I bought some stencils from Spotlight.

Enjoyed today's quilting and so pleased I have learnt 2 new quilting styles.

All ready for the binding. I'll see how I am going after tea tonight, I might be able to add the binding and then its just the last bit of binding by hand to be done.

Close up of one of the blocks with the border quilted as well. I'm so pleased with my quilt.

I've used this quilt, to learn so much. Its my first quilt doing the applique by machine. Now I am feeling comfortable enough to do other quilts in the future this way.  Also the shadow quilting was a learning curb. Practice, practice and more practice on quilting with stencils should see me as a great quilter in the future.

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Domac said...

Looks good, Leanne. What is the quilting paper called? Do you draw your quilting design on it, then pin it on the quilt, and then do you stitch quilting pattern through the papaer?

Michell Krawczyk said...

I don't envy your heat. We unofficially got to 37C in town the other people were saying and here at home was even hotter I think. Today finally the rain has started and the temp is down in the low 20's. Woop woop!!!