Thursday, November 29, 2012

River's Santa Sack

River's Santa sack finished and ready for the jolly red man to spoil her rotten.

Diana from a group I visit popped this patten (PDF file) up on our group. So very pleased she did as this is just such a cute sack.

The sack is 18in x 26in  when finished. Its a Red Boot Quilt Company pattern. Many thanks for making and popping the pattern up on the internet for free. Pattern is easy to follow and there are two styles to pick from.

 All that is left for me to do is  a trip to Spotlight or Lincraft for some cord. I'm thinking a pretty yellow/gold colour, to bring out the yellow in the applique.

If you want to have a go at this adorable pattern, you can find it here.  

Out of interest here is Cooper's Santa sack I made him last year for his first Christmas.

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Norwegianstitch said...


Great work! So inspiring to see other peoples work :) Thank you for sharing!

Regards Linda