Saturday, November 17, 2012

River Jayne

Yesterday Pat & I took a little drive to visit Tamara and River. As soon as we walked into the house, we were asked who wanted first nurse. Gotta love my daughter in law for that one.

Already we have a booking in January for babysitting River.

River is a good little baby (when aren't they??) and gives mummy & daddy enough hours at night to sleep. James has taken to fatherhood, like a duck to water.

While Pat worked on his Christmas lights to my right I was starting on River's first Christmas present from Nanny & Poppy. If you look close enough you can see the pattern on the left hand side of the table. Its a cloth book and I bought the pattern at the Quilting Fair last week.

Lots happening in my sewing room and on that note I had better return to sewing.

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Pip said...

River looks very content there, Lucky. You didn't waste anytime starting on the book, it'll be finished easily by Christmas.

angela said...

awww what a cutie, congratulations and welcome to little River.

Chris H said...

What an awesome baby name! Beautiful bubba... so special.