Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Darling Granddaughter Is Here.

Last night our beautiful granddaughter arrived 3 weeks early. While Tamara was in labour, Pat and I were off to Hettie's Patch to buy some soft gray fabric for the binding on her quilt.

In between the phone running hot last night I managed to sew the binding onto the quilt.

This morning at sewing (we had sewing today instead of yesterday) I started the binding by hand.

Finished that off this afternoon and off to the hospital we went to meet our little grand daughter.

River Jayne Gray
2.6 kilo
48  cm in length

I'll see if the kids mind a family photo being posted here in the next few days.

River is just so tiny and so beautiful. I wish you could hear the kid's voices as they talk to their baby girl. So tender and with so much love.

Already Nanny and Poppy have been shopping for our little girl. She's too tiny for 0000  size clothes and so we did a shopping trip to Target for some 00000 size clothes.

My label, with words from my heart.

Due to Tamara having a "C" section, I'll be spending a fair bit of time helping her until she can cope on her own while James is at work. Lots of cuddles coming up.

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Donna said...

Welcome River Jayne. Congratulations to the loving parents and grandparents.

Maria said...

Congratulaions to all on the arrival of your little baby girl River.
Her quilt is lovely..

Shirlwin said...

Yay!!! Such lovely news, and I guarantee she will bring so much joy to the family.

Helen said...

Congratulations to Nanny and Poppy and the proud parents. Checked out the pic on the forum and little River is gorgeous. Love the quilt you made her and the special label. My Grandchildren are 16 and 19 next month. Not sure when I'll be having any more Grandchildren or Great Grandchildren as only my eldest daughter has so far produced any. My other daughter is in her mid 30s and my son is 26 and neither interested in settling down at the moment :)