Thursday, November 29, 2012

River's Santa Sack

River's Santa sack finished and ready for the jolly red man to spoil her rotten.

Diana from a group I visit popped this patten (PDF file) up on our group. So very pleased she did as this is just such a cute sack.

The sack is 18in x 26in  when finished. Its a Red Boot Quilt Company pattern. Many thanks for making and popping the pattern up on the internet for free. Pattern is easy to follow and there are two styles to pick from.

 All that is left for me to do is  a trip to Spotlight or Lincraft for some cord. I'm thinking a pretty yellow/gold colour, to bring out the yellow in the applique.

If you want to have a go at this adorable pattern, you can find it here.  

Out of interest here is Cooper's Santa sack I made him last year for his first Christmas.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Book Of Love

At the Quilting Fair this month I fell in love with this cute little pattern from Kids Quilts called Crinkly Critters.

Its a soft cloth book.

 I thought this would make a lovely little first Christmas gift for River. The snail page has some florist cellophane inside to make a crinkly sound as River holds it.

Also the dragonfly has some cellophane in it as well.

I machine appliqued  the animals.

Used 2 threads of black DMC for the hand stitching. Also the fabrics I used was Shadow Play by Maywood.

I changed a couple of things, to give it my own little stamp on the book.

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

River Jayne

Yesterday Pat & I took a little drive to visit Tamara and River. As soon as we walked into the house, we were asked who wanted first nurse. Gotta love my daughter in law for that one.

Already we have a booking in January for babysitting River.

River is a good little baby (when aren't they??) and gives mummy & daddy enough hours at night to sleep. James has taken to fatherhood, like a duck to water.

While Pat worked on his Christmas lights to my right I was starting on River's first Christmas present from Nanny & Poppy. If you look close enough you can see the pattern on the left hand side of the table. Its a cloth book and I bought the pattern at the Quilting Fair last week.

Lots happening in my sewing room and on that note I had better return to sewing.

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sisterly Secret Santa Swap 2012

I have been wanting to show you what I have made for our Sisterly Secret Santa swap for weeks now. Finally I can show you.

My sisters Susan and Debbie and our sister in law Sally picked out an envelope with someone's name in it, on the day we got together to make dad's quilt back in May. Wow so long ago.

My pick was my older sister Sue and I just knew what sort of fabric I would use. Just needed to find what would suit and so the search was on.

I love these little baskets. Often we can always use a couple in the house. My friend lent me the pin cushion pattern.

I am so proud to say the pin cushion is made by hand, no machine sewing at all. Very proud of the points as well.

Sue loves William Morris and Michelle Hill, how could I not make Sue something in those fabric ranges.

My sister in law Sally picked my name out. Before I show you what I was given I must tell you a bit about the giving side.

Us 4 girls long with Debbie's daughter and granddaughter went to the quilting fair here in Adelaide on Friday. We then met up with a pile of our kids and grandchildren for tea that night.

We exchanged our gifts after ordering our meals. We then started to open them. Mine opened last as Sally stuck it down so well with Sally knows I'd be tempted to look if they were to be opened on Christmas Day.

It's stunning and I so love the wall hanging. The tape measure fabric is awesome and I just love the whole look about it. I have it hanging in the lounge room on a skirt coat-hanger until I can get a proper hanger. I see it when I first walk in the room, coming in from outside.

Close up of the poem. All hand stitched and beautifully done too.

Thanks so much Sally, love the wall hanger so much.

Really glad we opened them on the night as a family, rather than scattered over the km's on Christmas day.

We also pulled out a fresh envelope for next  and I so can't wait to start making my Secret Santa for 2013.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Darling Granddaughter Is Here.

Last night our beautiful granddaughter arrived 3 weeks early. While Tamara was in labour, Pat and I were off to Hettie's Patch to buy some soft gray fabric for the binding on her quilt.

In between the phone running hot last night I managed to sew the binding onto the quilt.

This morning at sewing (we had sewing today instead of yesterday) I started the binding by hand.

Finished that off this afternoon and off to the hospital we went to meet our little grand daughter.

River Jayne Gray
2.6 kilo
48  cm in length

I'll see if the kids mind a family photo being posted here in the next few days.

River is just so tiny and so beautiful. I wish you could hear the kid's voices as they talk to their baby girl. So tender and with so much love.

Already Nanny and Poppy have been shopping for our little girl. She's too tiny for 0000  size clothes and so we did a shopping trip to Target for some 00000 size clothes.

My label, with words from my heart.

Due to Tamara having a "C" section, I'll be spending a fair bit of time helping her until she can cope on her own while James is at work. Lots of cuddles coming up.

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