Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Christmas Gifts

I haven't been posting much in the way of sewing, due to the items being gifts in swaps or for Christmas. Its a busy time of the year here and the weeks are speeding past so quickly.

Sunday was spent finishing off the baby quilt for my little granddaughter who is due in just under 4 weeks. It will be James and Tamara's first baby and we're all excited about meeting her. 

Unlike Amy's pregnancy with Cooper, Tamara's seemed to have flown.
All ready to be pinned and then quilted.
I used a charm pack of Moda's Sherbet Pips for the baby quilt. I won this fabric on Retro Mummy's blog. 

The backing fabric is polar fleece, nice and soft on the baby when she's bigger and lays underneath it.

I have made about 4 of these quilts now and the feedback is the size is perfect.

I have gifts spread everywhere on my sewing table. Waiting for mail day or when I catch up with the receiver of the item.

Baby quilt on the machine. Only a small amount of the quilt left to be quilted. I'm thinking of using matching grey fabric from Sherbet Pips for the binding. I'll take the quilt down to Hettie's Patch and see what looks nice for the biding.

I have been just enjoying the sewing time in my sewing room. When these secret item leave, the room
is going to look empty.

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