Friday, September 14, 2012

Last Of My Birthday Fabric

Do you have enough hours in your day? Sometimes I think I could do with a few

Here is the last post in my birthday fabric show and tell for this year.

I bought my first load of fabric off Etsy. Very excited as I now have a new source to look at for fabric when  I need to go shopping.

Rouenneries Deux.

I just can't resist French General. 

Half a yard of each of the six fabric. Thanks Khris for the extra birthday money. 

Papillon is from the Tuesday girls. I have visions of a quilt with a flower appliqued on the bottom right hand side.

The other two jelly rolls are Pom Pom de Paris (French General)  and Fellowship. This is the last of the group birthday money from the C-R-A-F-T group girls. 

Thank you so much girls:)

Lots of fabric this year. 

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