Sunday, August 19, 2012

FRIENDS Swap 2012

I had a peek over on Sandi's blog and saw she had posted her Friends Swap for this yea,r that I had made and sent to her.

Thought I would now pop up what beautiful gifts I received from Sandi, for you to see.

This is my 3rd year in Khris's  Friends swap and already I can't wait until 2013 for the next one. Many thanks to you Khris for hosting this awesome swap. xoxoxo

I was truly spoilt and on that note, make a cuppa and read (drool if you wish) all about it.

 "F" is for Floral Bag and French General Fabric.

I love the bag and the brightness of it. The red fabric gives it a "wow" factor. My favourite fabric designer  is French General. Just something about it, makes me want to buy it all. I'm not adding this fabric to my stash, I'm going to make something special with it. Maybe another cushion.

 "R" is for Reels for Ric-Rac or lace.

They are gorgeous and having never seen anything like this before (says a cardboard user to keep the lace & Ric-Rac tidy) I think they are awesome.

 "I" is for Indulgence.

Gotta love that word. As you can see I have used that word to its full measure and scoffed all the

How beautiful and feminine is the bag. I just love it. I'm getting quite a taste of lately for this sort of look.

"E" is for Embroidery scissors and Exercise block after the  Indulgence pack. I don't feel guilty due to walking around the block a few

"N" is for Needle-case. 
Once again in those soft feminine colours and its so pretty. LOVE the turtle pin cushion too. Another animal to my or stuffed. Psst...I saw him on Sandi's blog and though how I have my own. 

"D" is for Doll.

Isn't she beautiful My first Dolly. Cooper isn't getting his little mitts on her! She leaning against a beautiful Christmas stocking with has a couple of candy canes and a pin wheel inside. Fabric colours are just stunning and they will sit on my lounge table each December.

"S" is for Sew necessary book.

I have taken photos to show you inside, but your more than likely coming to the end off your cuppa. So I'll show you the inside of the book in a couple of days. Trust me it'll be worth the wait.

"T" is for tea towel and its an extra spoiling item.

Love tea-towels and and I do use them. I don't hide them away in the linen press.

Thank you so much Sandi for being my swap partner and for spoiling me so much.

Next post will be the swap I sent to Sandi.


Lisa D said...

What a great package.... I love the doll!

Khristina aka Khris said...

Fantastic....all great goodies...especially that doll and turtle...hugs Khris