Thursday, July 26, 2012


Its been a month since I last posted and not much sewing has been done since I made Amanda's little basket.

I've been so sick with the flu that has hit South Australia. I ended up having a swab up the nose to confirm this, due to how sick I was.

Spent 4 days in bed and Pat spent his time laying on the futon watching DVDs. Amy even dropped off a casserole one night for us. Left it in the driveway, as we were that sick.

On the 12th it was Pat's birthday and for a present I gave him the flu. This in turn had Pat spend 4 days in hospital.

Not much time or feeling like sewing.

With us being so sick, Cooper hasn't been visiting us and we have missed him so much.

Today Cooper is visiting us and we're just so enjoying his company.

Check him out, he's now walking a lot of the time. Still crawls heap though, so I guess he's in transition with his walking.


Spent some time this morning doing some needle turn on the first block of the Bluebirds & Blueberry quilt. Cooper loves sitting in his high chair if we are doing something sitting down.

While Cooper sleeps this afternoon, I hope to cut out and get ready to sew a present for the F*R*I*E*N*D*S swap. 

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