Saturday, June 9, 2012

Local Craft Fair

 I've scanned these 40 pieces of fabric I bought today at my local craft fair that happens every June long weekend. I thought this would be the best way to show off my fabrics, that are so far out of my usual purchases.

Have you ever had a quilt in your head that you know how you want it to look? I have and this fabric will be used in this quilt.

I so hope I can explain what I mean and don't end up confusing not only myself but you as well.

Since 2008 when I first started quilting, back then I only made small items. I tended towards the autumn colours and country colours. That is still my passion along with reproduction fabrics from the Civil War era.

But also I have had this heart melting feeling when I see those soft fabrics, turned into a quilt. There is something about looking at a quilt made with pastel colours.

As I plod along with this quilt and that quilt (don't we all) I am going to make a quilt, using the pastel/light colours.

The fabrics I bought yesterday will be added to the stash for this quilt, all but the one on the right. This 1/4 metre is a bit too bright for what I want my quilt to look like.

I also have some open charm packs I have used for different projects and these will also be added to the quilt as I go.

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