Friday, June 8, 2012

A Get Well Gift..... To Myself

Wednesday this week I went into hospital for the day and had an angiogram. While on the table with the doctor  peeking at my heart, he told me...... no blockages and all looks good.


I go back to see my cardiologist first week of July to get the whole results and see where we go from there.

Today I needed  to go to Hettie's Patch for some more Bella Solids fabric for James & Tamara's quilt I am making. Seems such a long time since I was last working on their quilt.

While there I also bought myself some get well fabric. This I see is a very important part of my healing. Having someone sticking a tube up one's groin (even if I did get to see my heart pumping on a screen, that was so cool) and nurses then looking under the sheet and me with no knickers on.

I thought some fabric would help me over come the day. Let me tell you it sure has worked for

I don't have a lot of what I call soft fabrics in my stash. Tending towards the stronger colours and so I was happy picking some soft fabrics for a change. I have a vision of a soft quilt with lots of applique on it.

Pat was happy to give their cat "Bob" a pat and cuddle while I ooohhh and aaarrred over Hettie's beautiful fabric collection.

Today's shopping was 2 metres of the Bella Solids and then a 1/4 metre of each of the above fabrics.

Gotta love retail therapy:)

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1 comment:

Pip said...

Good to hear that there are no blockages Lucky, enjoy your get well fabric gift. There are some lovely fabrics in at Hetties at the moment.