Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Basket Case

 I can't believe its ten days since I last posted. So much has happened and some has been good and some very sad.

Lucky helping me sew.

Wednesday last week Pat & I took my 15 year old cat Lucky to the vet. We were so hoping Lucky would come home, but deep down I knew this wasn't going to happen.

It was her kidneys shutting down. The vet was so wonderful to not only us but so gentle with Lucky. When it was time (though I was crying) I squatted down on my hunches and looked into Lucky's eyes and told her how much I loved her and thanked her for 15 years of a wonderful friendship.

I wanted my face to be the last thing she saw and my voice the last thing she heard.

She's buried out the back and I can see her from the kitchen table. I wrapped her in a red woolen diamond jumper I knitted years ago. Lucky so loved the jumpers in the winter time. Popped her in one of my pretty quilting boxes as well.

Next month we are going to plant an orange tree on top and we'll call its "Lucky's Tree".

So my week of sewing went out the window as I struggle to get used to not having my little fur buddy helping me with cooking, sewing, cleaning and even keeping me company in the bathroom while I soak in the tub.

Until yesterday I had only made 2 hexi flowers for a swap I am in.

A trip up to Dawn's sure put my sewing mojo back in top gear. I worked on the first block of "Bluebirds and Blueberries".

Then yesterday afternoon and last night I made this little basket.

Its for my dear friend Amanda. She saw mine a couple of weeks ago and loved the whole look of it.


Figured a little item to be made over the day was a gentle way to spend my hours. I love the whole look of this basket and keep thinking...I wouldn't mind keeping it for myself.

Then I thought, some of these baskets would be good as stocking fillers. I have a feeling there could be a few more posts coming up about this little item.

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

So Far This Year.

As we go into the last two weeks of June, its hard to believe that 6 months of this year has gone by us with such speed. So I thought today's post would be about what I have achieved and what is still to be completed this year.

I joking said it was going to be called "2012 the year of the quilts". And my goodness the first 6 months has just been that.

  • Three senior quilts were made and even though one was sent to Pa in Sydney,  the other 2 were given to a couple of very deserving people around my area through my church.
  • With the help of my 2 sisters and sister-in-law we made a quilt for my dad's birthday back in May.
  • There is a good system in place for my Dear Jane & Farmer's Wife quilt. Having the 3rd week of each month dedicated to them seems to be working. This week is the 3rd week of June, so you know what I'll be doing.:)
  • Started a Christmas quilt gift for Ben's parents.
  • Half the blocks are done with James & Tamara's quilt we are giving to them for a wedding gift. Never mind I was asked for a quilt the week before their
Plus there has been some other items made through out these months.

Now for the last six months and I am sure they are going to rush by just as quick. What do I have planned for the next 6 months?
  • After shearing if finished where Deb lives, we're getting back into our "Breast of Friends" quilt we are going between us.
  • I'll get Tony & Ann's Christmas quilt finished (5 blocks have already been made).
  • Amy & Ben's quilt (hoping to make them a sampler quilt as well for Christmas).
  • Finish off James & Tamara's quilt. 
  • Pat's nephew in Melbourne is getting married in December and I am making them a quilt and this will be done in civil war reproduction fabrics as they both have majored in Uni to do with history.
  • Baby quilt for little "porkchop" who will be our second grandchild, due in Nov.
  • Finish off Cooper's animal applique quilt.
  • I'm in Khris' Friendship Swap again this year too.
If you look in the photo above you can see the first block of "Bluebirds & Blueberries". I have 5 weeks to complete the block, before we start the next block. A lovely friend is letting us borrow her pattern of this quilt. Some of us Tuesday girls are making it. Thank goodness I know how to do needle turn as we can't photocopy the pattern or have someone teach us how to make the blocks. We are respecting the copyright laws.

So as you can see its a full on 6 months ahead. I have a plan on what I am doing first or last. The sampler blocks are very easy and quick to make. I just have to stay on track and pace myself and I'll be fine.

Helps having a sewing room as I can leave and return and not have to pack up. The two days a week we have Cooper (Monday & Thursday) is not a problem. This week I'll prepare blocks while Cooper is here and sew them up in the evening.

Might not be a bad idea to write the above list on my white board.

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Local Craft Fair

 I've scanned these 40 pieces of fabric I bought today at my local craft fair that happens every June long weekend. I thought this would be the best way to show off my fabrics, that are so far out of my usual purchases.

Have you ever had a quilt in your head that you know how you want it to look? I have and this fabric will be used in this quilt.

I so hope I can explain what I mean and don't end up confusing not only myself but you as well.

Since 2008 when I first started quilting, back then I only made small items. I tended towards the autumn colours and country colours. That is still my passion along with reproduction fabrics from the Civil War era.

But also I have had this heart melting feeling when I see those soft fabrics, turned into a quilt. There is something about looking at a quilt made with pastel colours.

As I plod along with this quilt and that quilt (don't we all) I am going to make a quilt, using the pastel/light colours.

The fabrics I bought yesterday will be added to the stash for this quilt, all but the one on the right. This 1/4 metre is a bit too bright for what I want my quilt to look like.

I also have some open charm packs I have used for different projects and these will also be added to the quilt as I go.

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Friday, June 8, 2012

A Get Well Gift..... To Myself

Wednesday this week I went into hospital for the day and had an angiogram. While on the table with the doctor  peeking at my heart, he told me...... no blockages and all looks good.


I go back to see my cardiologist first week of July to get the whole results and see where we go from there.

Today I needed  to go to Hettie's Patch for some more Bella Solids fabric for James & Tamara's quilt I am making. Seems such a long time since I was last working on their quilt.

While there I also bought myself some get well fabric. This I see is a very important part of my healing. Having someone sticking a tube up one's groin (even if I did get to see my heart pumping on a screen, that was so cool) and nurses then looking under the sheet and me with no knickers on.

I thought some fabric would help me over come the day. Let me tell you it sure has worked for

I don't have a lot of what I call soft fabrics in my stash. Tending towards the stronger colours and so I was happy picking some soft fabrics for a change. I have a vision of a soft quilt with lots of applique on it.

Pat was happy to give their cat "Bob" a pat and cuddle while I ooohhh and aaarrred over Hettie's beautiful fabric collection.

Today's shopping was 2 metres of the Bella Solids and then a 1/4 metre of each of the above fabrics.

Gotta love retail therapy:)

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