Monday, May 21, 2012

The Week That Was

 I have enjoyed this last week so much and feel I have achieved so much in my Farmer's Wife & Dear Jane quilts.

Block 3 
Hunter's Moon

This one took a while to work out and I did spend some time looking for my old DJ blocks. But alas they are once again lost in my sewing room. I really don't know how I could loose them a second time.

Once I had finished this block and about ready to clean up the kitchen where  I was sewing and cutting, my heart started to play up.

Long story short I spent the night in hospital and was released at 10 am Sunday morning. This gave me 30 minutes to get to church to see my grandson Cooper baptized. I made it, just as our priest was walking down the aisle to the alter. 

There is talk of an angiogram in the coming weeks.

Gosh I have gone off track, back to the blocks.

I made  4 Farmer's Wife blocks and 4 Dear Jane blocks.  Very happy with my week.

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1 comment:

Pip said...

You have been doing well with both your FW and DJ blocks Lucky, sorry to hear that your health hasn't been so good, keep well.