Thursday, May 17, 2012

Three Blocks For Today

Yesterday we had little Cooper again and while he thrilled us with his presence I cut out the templates for 3 Farmer's Wife blocks.

While I took over the kitchen table and Cooper took over the rest of the rooms, he was able to get into, Pat took it all in his stride. Hehehehehe

Block 8 

I spent more time tracing the templates onto fabric and cutting the fabric, than sewing them together.

Block 9

After making the Dear Jane blocks it was lovely to have a block or two that wasn't as fiddly.

Block 10

I love how in the book the instructions are just visual and no words written. Very relaxing and so rewarding.

My sister-in-law Sally sent me this great you-tube link on nest & spiral seams.  If your making the Farmer's Wife quilt or just want to learn a great way of flattening those seams check it out. Thanks Sally for the tip.


Michell said...

you are zooming along

Ondrea said...

Those blocks are all so lovely Leanne.