Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Star Struck Block

 F-7 Star Struck

I spent an enjoyable evening last night, making this Dear Jane block. Just love star blocks and I couldn't resist treating myself to this block.

Its smaller than the Farmer's Wife blocks and put together by foundation piecing and not templates.

Once it was finished I showed Pat and he said how nice it was. Then I realized, I had made the centre of the star white and not the with the blue fabric.

I was then torn with what to do. The block looks stunning and I am so pleased with the points and how crisp they are.

What to do???

Then I thought why not ask. 

So last night I posted on Face Book and the Janiac's Unite blog what would you do ?

The response was over whelming and thank you to all that commented. With all your wonderful  comments, you helped me to decide and I'm  staying  with this block.

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1 comment:

Pip said...

I'm glad you kept it Lucky, that's what makes the DJ your very own quilt. No-one would ever pick it as it looks how it is meant to look anyway.