Saturday, May 26, 2012

Outside My Comfort Zone

I am always wanting to push myself to learn new ways in my crafts, be it knitting or sewing.

My latest push for being outside my comfort zone is machine applique. I haven't done a lot and  by the end of  this project, should have me an almost expert.

Been saying to Pat for awhile about a quilt for Cooper for when he visits our place. Now that Amy is back at work, we have a regular all day Thursday with Coop. But the quilt hasn't been made yet.

 Yesterday afternoon I started to look through my quilting magazines for some animal templates I thought would be nice on Cooper's quilt.

Last night I went through my stash and have started to pick out some homespun fabrics for the blocks. I always get nervous when picking out colours. Are they too bright? Not bright enough? Too plain? Over busy?

I have three blocks picked out and ready to machine applique and another 3 blocks to iron the appliques on.

Very excited and at the same time very nervous about my new direction I am taking with my sewing.

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Larissa said...

Looking good Lucky!!

angela said...

Awww they are so cute!

Liz said...

You have done well with my machine applique. I agree about color choosing. It can get difficult. I put that down to having too much to choose from,(OR NOT ENOUGH)