Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Our Dad

A couple of times on my blog I have mentioned about a secret quilt. Today I am able to tell you about this secret quilt.

My dad isn't a well man now a days. He's always been a hard worker from his teens until he retired. Most of the work was done in the outback of Australia.

Back when our mum died I spent the days leading up to her funeral, keeping dad company. I saw my dad in a different light. I feel it has brought us even closer in our relationship.

It was dad's birthday this month and back a few months ago I spoke to my 2 sisters Sue & Debbie and our sister-in-law Sally, about a quilt for dad.

All three jumped at the chance to join with me in making a sampler quilt for dad. Debbie suggested 12 inch blocks as this would be a good size when putting the twelve blocks together.

Sally went to Spotlight and bought a backing fabric and I bought the wadding.

It was decided to have the blocks completed by the last Friday in April as we were meeting at Debbie's place (in her local town) to put the quilt together. 

We were thrilled with how the blocks all came together in an Autumn theme. Placing the blocks and the labels we each made on Deb's kitchen table was so exciting.

Our labels were made from some of the fabric we used in our blocks. This way dad would be able to tell who made what blocks.

After having a cuppa and talking about the sashing/border colour we thought would look nice. We walked down to the local quilting shop with the labels to match up a fabric.

It was handy having a quilting shop in the town as we were able to pick the sashing/border fabric between the four of us. While we were there, we also did some shopping for ourselves.

Using Deb's bed to lay the blocks out in the order we picked them to go in. It was fun moving the blocks around to see where the blocks suited. We picked our own block styles and fabrics. This day was the first time all the blocks had been together and we just couldn't get over how well they suited each other.

 We all had a job on the day, Sue was using her ruler for measuring before cutting fabric, Sally was ironing, Debbie was pinning and me...... I brought my sewing machine along and  I was chief sewer. Once we got into a routine we just zoomed along.

I took photos while Sue, Sally & Deb pinned the quilt. This is the first time I have seen a quilt sandwiched and I learnt so much. Hence the photos, so I can look back on them when I sandwich my next quilt.

Debbie took the quilt back to the sheep station when she lives and quilted the quilt. Then on  a Wednesday when it was the local quilting day, Debbie passed the quilt onto Sue for the binding to be done.

Our labels with our  special birthday wishes on them. We all thought the backing fabric Sally chose suited the Autumn theme so well.

All finished and ready to go to our dad.

I though when dad isn't feeling well or just feeling cold, he can wrap his girl's around him and feel our love for him.

Happy Birthday Dad. You are very much loved.

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Cross Stitch Crazy Mum said...

aww, the love in this story and quilt bought a tear to my eye. Its beautiful and you are all wonderful ladies to make such a great present for your Dad :)

Shirlwin said...

Your Dad is a very lucky man having four VIP in his life ... I am positive he will love the quilt, and feel quite touched at the love and care that went into the making of it.

Julianne said...

Such a beautiful quilt........I am sure your dad will love it!!

Larissa said...

Looks great Lucky!! Your Dad is a very lucky man having such wonderful daughters who can work together for a common good!! I have no doubt he's love it!!! x

Ondrea said...

What a fantastic loving thing to do! It is absolutely gorgeous and very very special. Your dear dad will love it and treasure it for sure.

Donna said...

You sisters created a beautiful quilt, which will be a treasure to your dad. Happy quilting.

Anonymous said...

This one of the awesome foursome enjoyed the experience and a chance to get together for a special reason.
Not that family need a reason to get together but it sometimes seems a long time between get togethers.

From The Awesome Sister in Law

The little book of Nessie said...

Well done all of you! Your Dad should be proud! Regards, Nessie

Anita said...

What sweet daughters your dad has! How lovely of you to all be able to put a quilt together from you all.