Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More Blocks

An update on the Senior Quilts as I was taking them up to the parish yesterday. This didn't happen as at about 9.10 am an ambulance was called for Patrick while we were at our local chemist. We had called in to pick up the never ending supply of prescriptions and POW the asthma attack hit without warning.

This is the first time we have needed an ambulance at a shopping centre. 

What a great place to have an attack, they were marvelous and had Pat on a nebuliser  while we waited for the ambulance.   Many thanks to the owner and staff, also the ambulance people who took care of Pat.

So we didn't get to the parish office and spent the hours away at the hospital until Pat was released.

I'll just let you know after I have been to the parish, as when I plan to go, something happens and we don't get there.

Today was a better day as Pat rested and my sister Debbie was here with her sewing machine. I set up the trestle table in the kitchen and we sewed our little hearts out.

But first we did a trip to Spotlight and used our "spent $100 and pay for $60.00 vouchers" on lots of machine embroidery threads and some other notions.

I made 2 blocks for Tony & Ann's quilt. Very happy with how they are coming together.

 Streak Of Lightening

Maple Star

Tomorrow is our day with Cooper. I am thinking a quiet day making and cutting templates and fabric for my Farmer's Wife blocks will be a nice way to go.

Can't wait until Cooper is old enough to draw, cut and glue with his Nanny and Poppy. Until then I'll enjoy Cooper raiding my Tupperware cupboard for lids and his toys.

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angela said...

So glad pat is ok. Your quilts are looking fab!

bluegreen said...

If Pat is going to have an asthma attack, then at a chemist sounds a good place to have it!

Chris H said...

I love the colours you have used and I hope Pat is OK now?