Monday, May 7, 2012

Third Senior Quilt Finished

Last night and this afternoon I finished off the binding and the label on the third Senior Quilt.

This one is suited for a woman. I'm very happy with the quilt and how I have used some beautiful "mother" sayings in the border.

Once again I have used a lovely quilt label that talks about kindness and love. I was asked where I got these lovely labels and I am pretty sure it was The Craft Depot about 2 years ago.

I am so thrilled to think I have made 3 Senior Quilts for this winter. First one was sent to Pa for his 90th birthday, back in March.

The whole idea was to use up the donated squares and  scraps of fabric in my sewing room. The idea of the Senior Quilts grew from a dream I had one night. Was it God telling me how to put the squares to a good use?

Tomorrow I'll take the quilts up to my Parish and show them to the people in the office. I have been talking to a person in the Parish office about getting the quilts to some people in our Parish.  They know I'm coming in sometime this week.

I'm hoping to be able to tee up a visit with a person who does home visits to some of the parishioners. They'll have a good idea who can use a quilt more so. That way I can write their name on the label.

I've decided this will be an on going project and down the track  I'll start making more. Not sure if it'll be for this winter or start for next winter.

Pat & I are on a pension and I so know how hard it is to live fortnight to fortnight. Thankfully our kids have now left home and this does take some pressure off us.

Barb asked me if I want some more squares for future quilts and I have said yes. If you would like to donate some squares or some fabric to help me keep costs down, please email me. 

I'll be keeping my eye open at Spotlight for reduced fabric for backings and sashing. Wadding I'll buy when on sale and with those 20% cards I get for taking my own bag.

 I started the Senior Quilts to let a senior know,

  • There is someone who is thinking of you.
  • The quilt will keep you warm on a cold night. More so now with utilities rising even higher.
  • Maybe they have no family left and a quilt will make them feel loved.
  • I wanted to give something to someone, as I have so much to be thankful for.
I'll keep plugging away with the quilts for Christmas, weddings and Senior Quilts. I did say this was the "Year of the Quilts" and I'm so pleased I am doing just that.

Many thanks for all the positive comments here, via email, face book, quilting groups/forums and my sisters Sue, Debbie & Sister-in-law Sally who donated the wadding we didn't use in Burra. Its already ear marked towards a future Senior Quilt. Love you 3 girls so much xoxoxo


Creative Times with Sue said...

You are doing so well with these quilts. Love you too!!! ♥

wackywoman said...

Your quilt is wonderful Leanne.