Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cushion Swap

 Now that my cushion I made for a swap has arrived I can show you what I made and what I was given.

Love cushions and I have quite a few floating around the house, lotsI have made and some from swaps.

Liz was my swap partner this time and she knows me so well.

Isn't my cushion just me? Love my chooks and ducks so much. I had told Liz when we were talking about what we'd like in our cushion. I said anything as long as she understands I'll be using the cushion and so it'll need to stand up to the washing machine and my fur kids.

I love the cushion and its used every day on the lounge. So far the fur kids haven't used

Liz said to me about how she didn't want an over bright cushion. So I picked the Moda "Butter Cup" range for the applique and the backing of the cushion.

I love the fact I had some of a charm pack left over and thought this fabric was just spot on for a "soft look" . Practiced my machine embroidery on the applique and am become rather keen on this form of applique work.

This has been a very enjoyable swap.

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Cathy (aka CrafteeCC) said...

lovely ;-)
I love the soft applique

Shirlwin said...

Two gorgeous cushions!!!

Liz said...

Love those cushions.You have done such a good job. The colors and appliue are amazing.