Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Christmas Quilts Started

Its been awhile since I have posted here. Been rather busy and also I was away in Burra for a day working on a secret quilt with my 2 sisters and sister-in-law. Once that secret is out, I'll post some photos here.

Also I have been trying to get the binding cut and onto the 2 senior quilts I have made. For one reason and another, this isn't happening. So hoping tonight after tea is finished and cleared away, I can get the binding cut and onto the quilts.

We have Cooper here this afternoon, due to mummy having carpets cleaned at their place. Easier for Coop to come here and hang out with the

I have been making some blocks for a Christmas gift for Amy's in law's. 

 Rolling Stone


Card Trick

At the beginning of the year I said 2012 this year was the year of the quilts and its sure looking this way.

I thought Anne & Tony would love a quilt as a gift. Also Amy & Ben are having a quilt as well. I saw the fabric range of Moda "Good Fortune" in a quilt recently and thought it would so suit them.

Plus an Autumn quilt for our nephew and his bride in a Dec wedding this year.

That is why I am starting so early in the year. These 12.5 in sampler blocks are just so easy to make and very relaxing, not a stressful event at all.

Hello Cooper is awake and wants his Nanna. Bye.

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