Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Another Jane

A-2 One -Two Buckle My Shoe

This block has 40 pieces to it. My points aren't the best and the row that is not sitting well is row 3. Row three is done in two sections and then joined together.

Once the blocks are all together, people will be too busy going OMG to notice the points not perfect.

Interesting thing is these points aren't bothering me like the colour mix up did. So I shall not be posting asking for a "what would you do?" question tonight.

I'm happy as I have made 3 blocks in 2 days.

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Karen's Korner said...

You are on a roll with your DJ blocks. Well done.

cheryl said...

Lucky, you are doing well with them! How many have you done so far? It is good when you can ease off yourself occasionally, as you say,, I look at a lot of quilts at the shows and never even think to look for mistakes!!

suzie said...

Love blocks Leanne. You are powering along.

Pip said...

You're on a roll Lucky, great work again. I don't know whether to comment on the Janiacs blog or the FB page so I'll settle for your blog. You're right, it won't be noticeable when it is all pieced together. I was looking at mine the other day looking for a block that had an oopsy in it and couldn't even find it.

bluegreen said...

I have to say that when I saw this one I thought it must be an earlier attempt, your work has been so good lately but I could see with this one that something was not quite right. It may not be noticeable in the quilt, or then again it may stand out like a sore thumb! I don't want to be discouraging but don't want you to be disappointed with the final result when you can do better! Maybe leave it aside for a while and give it another go sometime before you make up the quilt? Really I think that your work is beautiful otherwise, just that this one is not up to your usual standard.