Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Another Dear Jane.

Let me start this post off by saying a huge thank you too all that that have commented about the last block. I'm going to keep it in the quilt, rather than make a pin cushion or what ever with it.

I have been enjoying the last couple  days making my Farmer's Wife block and the two Dear Jane blocks.

As much as I have enjoyed making blocks for Christmas quilts, Senior Quilts finished off and a surprise quilt I shall soon post about, its good to be making something for myself again.

So much enjoyment I have decided (if nothing goes wrong) that this week is going to be Farmer's Wife and Dear Jane week.

I think we're having Cooper again tomorrow as well as our usual Thursday, so I'll work on getting templates printed off, traced on fabric and cut out, ready to sew later on in the week.

At night I'll continue with the Dear Jane blocks.

G-10 Woven Meadows 

Today's block took me 2.5 hours, including a lunch break while the midday movie was on. So I'd say at a guess 2 hours, from tracing the foundation templates onto some non-ironing interfacing to sewing on the last piece of fabric. 

And guess what? The fabrics are all correctly placed in this block...lol.

I love this block and think the fabric suits it well. 

I love foundation piecing and as I hadn't done any blocks for a while, I didn't know how much I love this style of quilting.

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Pip said...

Lovely block again Lucky, I love the fabric you have used on this one.

Aunt 'Reen said...

Another beautiful Jane block!
Congratulations on a wonderful finish.

Donna said...

Beautiful! This block would be a great signature block for a swap. And your "mistake" on the block yesterday turned into the perfect block! Happy quilting.

bluegreen said...

love this one :)