Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Second Quilt Top Finished

I've been so sick with a cold that had zapped most of my energy. Pat has even been doing to cooking, many thanks for this Pat:). I've just been reading and making a few quilt blocks for James & Tamara's quilt.

I am so please to be able post the photos of the second quilt top I finished about a week ago.

I used a pink theme for this quilt as the blocks were rather feminine looking. Really enjoyed using different colours in both quilt tops for the sashing. Made a pleasant change from the cream and white fabrics I tend to use.

The border is a beautiful fabric given to me by Khris just before she moved back to Queensland.

I fussy cut the fabric to show off the beautiful sayings.

I am so please to tell you all, those 3 inch blocks (I was given) are now all been made into 3 quilts. So pleased they just weren't put into the sewing room, never to been seen again.

There is still more fabric squares I have been given, only bigger. These too will be turned into senior quilts, just not right now. There is James & Tamara's quilt to be finished, plus a quilt for a wedding gift in December and 2 quilts for Christmas gifts to be made.

Then I can look about making more of these quilts for the seniors.

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