Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cracking That Jelly Roll

Oh my darling, oh my darling,
Oh my darling, Clementine!

So you've cracked that jelly roll, its been hiding in your stash for an unmentionable amount of time.

Gone are those days of sneaking into your stash where petting and fondling the jelly roll is done in secret.

You've ironed it and separated those drool factor strips of fabric........

How do you separate those strips?

  • colour
  • print size
  • pattern

I'd love to know how you split up the 42 strips when getting ready to turn the jelly roll into a quilt.

I'm making a sampler quilt as a gift for a couple. Its their Christmas present for this year.

Me I am not sure how I am going to separate the roll. Thinking I'll look at the block and pick the fabric for that block. Guess you can call it swinging.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Second Quilt Top Finished

I've been so sick with a cold that had zapped most of my energy. Pat has even been doing to cooking, many thanks for this Pat:). I've just been reading and making a few quilt blocks for James & Tamara's quilt.

I am so please to be able post the photos of the second quilt top I finished about a week ago.

I used a pink theme for this quilt as the blocks were rather feminine looking. Really enjoyed using different colours in both quilt tops for the sashing. Made a pleasant change from the cream and white fabrics I tend to use.

The border is a beautiful fabric given to me by Khris just before she moved back to Queensland.

I fussy cut the fabric to show off the beautiful sayings.

I am so please to tell you all, those 3 inch blocks (I was given) are now all been made into 3 quilts. So pleased they just weren't put into the sewing room, never to been seen again.

There is still more fabric squares I have been given, only bigger. These too will be turned into senior quilts, just not right now. There is James & Tamara's quilt to be finished, plus a quilt for a wedding gift in December and 2 quilts for Christmas gifts to be made.

Then I can look about making more of these quilts for the seniors.

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Those Senior Quilts.

 Finally I have the first of 2 senior quilt tops completed as of this morning. I popped the sashings on last night and this morning I finished the border off.

We have Cooper tomorrow morning, so not much sewing will be done on this day. 

Now I have spent some of this afternoon sorting out the last of the nine patch blocks and cutting the some of the sashings. Tonight after tea I'll start sewing the shorter sashings to the blocks.

If all goes well, I could have all the sashing finished on this quilt.

Until I work out this new setup for posting on Blogger, I say sorry for how the page is set up.