Thursday, March 8, 2012

Last Of The HUGGLES Gone

Monday this week I spent 2 hours having a glucose test. I took along the last of the HUGGLES in the house for the local IMVS for the children who have blood taken.

I was told the last load went like hot cakes and the children loved them. Its great getting feed back from where I have delivered them. In turn I love letting you know that all your wonderful time and giving, has been just so appreciated.

Not only do the places that these little cute HUGGLES say thank you, I too say thank you for your gifts.

Did you make one of these little HUGGLES???

If you have time and would love to make even 1 HUGGLES for my charity, it will be a big help.

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1 comment:

Maria said...

Oh they all look so cute sitting on the big chair waiting to be loved...
It is so nice to see the Hugggles go to a good home.
Would love to stitch a few more for you.