Friday, March 23, 2012

James & Tamara's Quilt

This morning I started to cut the fabric I picked for James & Tamara's quilt. I was asked to make one for their wedding and finally I have started, even if its only cutting.

Pinning these two working newly weds down with colour, style and quilt patten took some time as I was asked just before their wedding if I would make a quilt.

Their colour choice is green (Tamara's fav) & blue (James' fav) and after trying to find a jelly roll in this theme and not finding any. I ordered yardage off the internet and then had to wait for it to arrive.

I have added the fabric on the left to the collection. This was from a Red Rooster scrap bag, I had ordered earlier on.

Last year I was given some birthday money from a craft group I am in and this book was one of 2 I ordered. I wanted something to show from the $$$ after the fabric I bought was gone.

This is the sampler quilt the kids have asked me to make. I love star blocks and I am so excited as these blocks are 3 different sizes.

Patrick gave me this little ruler as a stocking filler last year. I have used it already for 3 blocks and its so easy to use. Pat bought this ruler one trip to Hettie's Patch. I knew I took him there for other reasons than to see Bob their

As the blocks are made I'll post a photo of them here.

I haven't forgotten those senior quilts either. They are ready for my little sew trip away in just under 2 weeks. Looking at getting three tops made while away.

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1 comment:

Maria said...

WOW the Star Sampler Quilt will be beautiful in those lovely fabrics. Looking forward to seeing your blocks as you go..