Monday, March 26, 2012

More On The Quilt

On Saturday afternoon I was a happy quilter as I made 3 more blocks after posting the centre block on my blog.

The brown star block will be the corner blocks. This photo shows off the size of the centre block better as well.

After these blocks are all but together, there is a boarder and then the next size block goes around.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Centre Block Finished

I am so proud of my block, the points are just spot on.

This is the centre block for James & Tamara's quilt. So easy and non stressful, a real joy to make.

That angle ruler makes it all so much easier and quicker. I highly recommend this ruler for the sampler blocks in the book.

Off to start another block...hehehe

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Friday, March 23, 2012

James & Tamara's Quilt

This morning I started to cut the fabric I picked for James & Tamara's quilt. I was asked to make one for their wedding and finally I have started, even if its only cutting.

Pinning these two working newly weds down with colour, style and quilt patten took some time as I was asked just before their wedding if I would make a quilt.

Their colour choice is green (Tamara's fav) & blue (James' fav) and after trying to find a jelly roll in this theme and not finding any. I ordered yardage off the internet and then had to wait for it to arrive.

I have added the fabric on the left to the collection. This was from a Red Rooster scrap bag, I had ordered earlier on.

Last year I was given some birthday money from a craft group I am in and this book was one of 2 I ordered. I wanted something to show from the $$$ after the fabric I bought was gone.

This is the sampler quilt the kids have asked me to make. I love star blocks and I am so excited as these blocks are 3 different sizes.

Patrick gave me this little ruler as a stocking filler last year. I have used it already for 3 blocks and its so easy to use. Pat bought this ruler one trip to Hettie's Patch. I knew I took him there for other reasons than to see Bob their

As the blocks are made I'll post a photo of them here.

I haven't forgotten those senior quilts either. They are ready for my little sew trip away in just under 2 weeks. Looking at getting three tops made while away.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Owners Sought For "Special Quilt" Lost In Tornado

Owners Sought For "Special Quilt" Lost In Tornado - - Oklahoma City, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports |

I saw this link on a quilting group and thought I would blog it here to help get the word out.

Grammie had made a quilt for someone in her family and its a beautiful appliqued quilt of 20 ladies and names of 20 women. People are thinking they maybe her granddaughter's names.

It was found after a tornado hit an area in the USA.. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the quilt was reunited with either the owner or a member of the family???

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Thirty Blocks Later

Thirty blocks later I have finally finished sewing together all those little 3 inch blocks for the senior quilts.

These blocks would have been finished earlier, but I was in hospital again from Tuesday to Thursday of last week. Doctors have placed me on another tablet daily for my heart and I so hope this will be the last visit to hospital for a long time.

Going to take them away with me in a few weeks as the Sunday sewing girls are having a few days to ourselves. Khris is coming back home for the school holidays and we're all catching up and having a sort of retreat.

I figured I'd get a lot done in a couple of days with no interruptions. Going to be leaving Pat behind and in the 15 years he's been sick, this will be my first break. Really looking forward to the idea of just us girls.

I'm in a cushion swap and so I had better make a move on this project. Been called the Cushion Queen by my swap Better not let her down.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Senior Quilt Number Two

Finally getting stuck into the 3 inch blocks for the senior quilts. They have been sitting for some time on my tray in the sewing room.

Since I sorted these squares out, I have found more squares, only bigger. These will be made into quilts as well.

Last night I sewed a pile into 3 per row and this left 15 sets of 9 patch blocks to be sewn to this afternoon. Then I'll iron and sew them into the block size I want.

I have spoken to some people in my parish and they are more than happy to put me in touch with a person who does home visits to nursing homes and retirement villages. This will help me get these quilts to people who really could do with a quilt.

Well I had better get back to the sewing machine.

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Last Of The HUGGLES Gone

Monday this week I spent 2 hours having a glucose test. I took along the last of the HUGGLES in the house for the local IMVS for the children who have blood taken.

I was told the last load went like hot cakes and the children loved them. Its great getting feed back from where I have delivered them. In turn I love letting you know that all your wonderful time and giving, has been just so appreciated.

Not only do the places that these little cute HUGGLES say thank you, I too say thank you for your gifts.

Did you make one of these little HUGGLES???

If you have time and would love to make even 1 HUGGLES for my charity, it will be a big help.

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