Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Little HUGGLE For Teddy

This little guy has an embarrassing problem. Too embarrassing to show you, also it took me a bit to get his new pants on him.

Nice and snug, bit like John Travolta's pants on Saturday Night Fever.

Teddy has a stain on his crotch and the owner's wife asked me to make him some pants. Poor teddy, not sure how it happened but I could see it needed fixing.

Tomorrow teddy goes home to his owner, who is a retired gentleman. I must ask the wife how old teddy is. I wonder if he is older than 60 or younger?

I still have my teddies and they are 49 years old this year. Do you still have your teddy from when you were a child?

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1 comment:

Maria said...

That was very kind of you to fix the dear fellows Teddy. He looks good now.
No I do not have a Teddy but does my Koala count?? He is 58 years old.