Saturday, February 25, 2012

Can There Ever Be Too Much Fabric??

Over the last few dads my dad & step mum have been staying with us. Lots of traffic from family here in Adelaide wanting to catch up with both dad & Betty. Not a lot of time for sewing here.

Deb called in with her daughter and 8 week old granddaughter, as introductions between Charlotte and her Great Grandparents was planned as a surprise. Dad & Betty also got to meet Super Coop for the first time.

Anyway Deb & I had put an order in together for some fabric in the scrap bag section at Craft Town. Couldn't have worked in any better as the fabric arrived at Deb's place last Tuesday.

I scored 5 yards of Red Rooster and Deb decided to go with 5 yards of Thimbleberries fabric.

We both ordered a civil war reproduction scrap bag each. A couple of the fabrics were the same.

The fabric that we didn't double up on, we cut down the middle and had a 1/2 yard each.

Into my civil war reproduction fabric box it has now been stored.

This is a good place to put things, as I am always looking for a misplaced item that doesn't go in a box. I now am looking for my rotating cutting board. Starting to think its keeping company with my "purple thang" that is still missing.

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Shirlwin said...

You can never have too much fabric!! Some beautiful fabrics there!

Maria said...

Great fabrics. NO you cn NEVER have too much, LOL

Linda said...

Yum!!!! Do you have any plans for the fabric...other than drooling over it?

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Wow! You have done very well, Lucky!! :)

Pip said...

lovely fabrics, no, you can never have too much fabric. When I go shopping with a friend, we will often buy 30cm of a fabric then cut it half so we each have some, works out quite cheap that way.

Ondrea said...

That is gorgeous fabric. You know me, love the civil way repros.