Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oh Lucky! Your So Naughty

Today we drove past Hettie's Patch and just had to drop in.

There was a good reason to call in as my sister Deb wanted a pink gingham fabric for a quilt she's making. How could I not do the sisterly thing and call in and see if they had the fabric.

Due to the fact Deb lives on a sheep station, a mobile phone photo was a no go. I scanned her fabric along with the 2 new civil war reproduction fabric I bought for myself and sent the picture to her.

I love the blue fabric and the reddish fabric is also a must in my books. While at Hettie's I bought some "bottom line" thread for when I do machine applique. I ordered a beautiful quilt pattern and its mostly machine applique. That's tomorrow's post.

Anyway I am getting off track with today's spending's heheheheh.

Before Pat & headed into the city we called in at Spotlight and with my 30% off voucher from Facebook, I bought 4 metres of wadding.

Yay, I can now put the first of the senior's quilt together. Talking to Pat about it in the car, I decided to do the hand binding on a Tuesday morning at Dawn's place.

I haven't been for 3 weeks now due to the heat, Pa catching a plane and today a trip for Pat to see a specialist. This makes me very excited about seeing my sewing sisters next week and having a quilt for show and tell.

Then Deb rings me and tells me about a scrap bag sale on a website. How could I not buy something on line while out shopping with my sister?

Deb and I have bought 2 bags of scrap fabric each. Not going to tell you anything else until I have it in my hot little hands in a few weeks when we catch up again.

Oh Lucky! Your so naughty ...LOL

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Dawn said...

oh we missed ya too, it was so quiet here...LOL... no not really we were a noisy lot chatting away...ooh show and tell!..yes please.. c u Tues...don't forget your special teacup for a Birthday celebration!
Hugs Dawn x

Pip said...

I was at Hettie's Patch first thing this morning, there were already a few people there busy buying. Love your CW fabrics, are they for your Farmer's Wife blocks??

Shirlwin said...

Not naughty! Just making the most of the moment:) Love the fabrics, especially the red one.