Thursday, January 26, 2012

Glass Half Full

First off, Happy Australia Day. Weather isn't too hot here, though some rain wouldn't go astray. Hope your Aussie Day is great:)

Pa is safely back in Sydney to mid 20's and rain. Half his luck I say.

I'm a glass half full sort of girl. I make the most of the situation in a favourable light.

I was hoping to have my sewing room back up and running, this is not happening. Pat has come down again with lung pain and feels like crap. This in turn makes his diabetes play up.

Spent last night taking temps, giving pain relief, popping jelly beans and checking sugars. So not a lot of sleep and while I sew today, Pat is sleeping and feeling like crap. If no improvement overnight, off to the doctors tomorrow.

So guess your wondering what I am doing in between playing nurse and being me?

Why sewing of

My temporary sewing room and now Pa isn't here, I have taken over with force. To the stage we're eating our meals in the rumpus room and not at the table. Always eat at the table in our house.

Very excited and as I type this post the cream sashing is soaking and just about ready to go out onto the close line. Easiest way to remove memory creases.

First top should be finished by tonight. Nine blocks with sashing and then 2 boarders should make the quilt a nice size for a senior to handle and not trip over. I don't think doing a overly big quilt will serve its purpose well here. A smaller lap quilt size is the way to go.

I think I have enough blocks to make another 3 quilts in this style. The first photo doesn't really show off the amount of fabric I have on the table.

Very excited that I have been able to get this project off so early in the year. I'll continue working on these until the first week of Feb. Then I'll make up the kitchen swap I am involved in.

Love to hear from you, about what you hope to achieve this year, be it big or small. So please drop me a comment and let me know.

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barb's creations said...

Looking good Leanne,you're on a roll.Hope Pat is feeling better ? :) Barb.

wackywoman said...

That will make a lovely lap quilt Leanne. I am still working mostly on UFOs, except the kit I am making right now. I am at the quilting point now. Then I won't be adding yet another UFO to the pile.

Domac said...

Gee Leanne, your sewing room looks tidy! Hope Pat is feeling better, give him a hug from me. I like your senior's quilts - very nice! You will be making some seniors very happy - what a good woman you are! Take care, Hugs, (wet)Donna in Brisbane.