Thursday, January 26, 2012

First Senior's Quilt Top Finished.

Its just after 8.30 and I have just finished the quilt top.

Very happy with the end result of the first of I hope six quilts for my "Senior's Quilt" drive.

I said earlier today about working on these tops until next week. But I am thinking I don't have to push myself yet as I have no wadding. So tomorrow I will reward myself with a couple of Farmer's Wife blocks and a Dear Jane block.


cheryl said...

Lucky, I am thinking a nice fleece or even flanelette would be nice for the backing,,,and no wadding. Just a thought..

Larissa said...

Wow Lucky!! That was fast!!! ... And a beautiful top you've made!!!

Donna said...

Pretty quilt top. A special senior will love this quilt.

Maria said...

The /seniors Quilt looks good.
Enjoy stitching your FWB and DJ.

wackywoman said...


Ondrea said...

Leanne, that quilt looks fantastic. I think it is always good to do some smaller projects in between for some light relief, otherwise you will not achieve what you wish. Well dbne girl!