Saturday, January 28, 2012

Two More Farmer's Wife Blocks

Yesterday for sewing was a complete nothing. Pat needed to go to the doctor and Amy and Cooper were visiting as well.

But today was a different story. It did take me until after lunch to get myself into some sort of sewing mode.

Between Pa's visit and now Pat becoming sick again, I am needing to recharge my batteries somehow.

Before tea tonight I had drawn and cut out the templates on fabric. Spent a relaxing evening sewing and gosh the time just seemed to fly past. I can't get over the time 10.28, last time I heard our clock chime it was 9 pm.

Before I actually started sewing I spent about 20 mins outside under the veranda watching the wind blow and the small amount of rain we had blow past myself and my rabbit "Buddy".

I love block 3 and its my very first attempt at a basket block. This one so far has to be my favourite.

Block 3 "Basket"

Block 4 "Basket Weave"

Block 4 was so easy to make. So far the blocks have been simple to make, but I am sure there will be some that will have me pulling my hair out....hehehe

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Linda said...

No wonder you love the basket block, it gorgeous!

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Lovely Lucky! I would love to make a bigger version of that basket block some time............ :)

Chris H said...

They are gorgeous.

Larissa said...

Looking good Lucky!! Both blocks look fantastic!!

Shirlwin said...

Your blocks are truly gorgeous! Such pretty colours as well.

Pip said...

Lovely blocks, I'm sure you are going to enjoy your Farmer's Wife journey.