Monday, January 2, 2012

2009 Round Robin Cushion

Back in Jan 2009 I joined a round robin embroidery. It was so exciting as each months the ladies that joined would make a block and embroider something on the fabric sent along.

This was a great way for me to brush up on my stitchery and as the months went by, I became better at what I was stitching.

Also a block was made each month and we wrote in a journal that was supplied.

After I finished those 2 Farmer's Wife block this afternoon, I started making the cushion.

Hardest part was the ruffle and I am happy with the end result. On the 3rd attempt to make the ruffle it worked out. Thank goodness the stitching I unpicked twice was done in a basting stitch.

Not sure what I'll make with the blocks....maybe a big cushion or a mini quilt.

Pat's dad arrives Wednesday and not a lot of sewing will be done until the end of the month. Pa is legally blind and so I can't have all my gear spread through out the house, due to the sewing room becoming Pa's bedroom. It'll be all packed up in the gym room. All I'll get done will be some hand stitching in the evenings after Pa goes to bed.

Through the day I'll be Pa's tea lady as he loves my tea

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