Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oh Lucky! Your So Naughty

Today we drove past Hettie's Patch and just had to drop in.

There was a good reason to call in as my sister Deb wanted a pink gingham fabric for a quilt she's making. How could I not do the sisterly thing and call in and see if they had the fabric.

Due to the fact Deb lives on a sheep station, a mobile phone photo was a no go. I scanned her fabric along with the 2 new civil war reproduction fabric I bought for myself and sent the picture to her.

I love the blue fabric and the reddish fabric is also a must in my books. While at Hettie's I bought some "bottom line" thread for when I do machine applique. I ordered a beautiful quilt pattern and its mostly machine applique. That's tomorrow's post.

Anyway I am getting off track with today's spending's heheheheh.

Before Pat & headed into the city we called in at Spotlight and with my 30% off voucher from Facebook, I bought 4 metres of wadding.

Yay, I can now put the first of the senior's quilt together. Talking to Pat about it in the car, I decided to do the hand binding on a Tuesday morning at Dawn's place.

I haven't been for 3 weeks now due to the heat, Pa catching a plane and today a trip for Pat to see a specialist. This makes me very excited about seeing my sewing sisters next week and having a quilt for show and tell.

Then Deb rings me and tells me about a scrap bag sale on a website. How could I not buy something on line while out shopping with my sister?

Deb and I have bought 2 bags of scrap fabric each. Not going to tell you anything else until I have it in my hot little hands in a few weeks when we catch up again.

Oh Lucky! Your so naughty ...LOL

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Two More Farmer's Wife Blocks

Yesterday for sewing was a complete nothing. Pat needed to go to the doctor and Amy and Cooper were visiting as well.

But today was a different story. It did take me until after lunch to get myself into some sort of sewing mode.

Between Pa's visit and now Pat becoming sick again, I am needing to recharge my batteries somehow.

Before tea tonight I had drawn and cut out the templates on fabric. Spent a relaxing evening sewing and gosh the time just seemed to fly past. I can't get over the time 10.28, last time I heard our clock chime it was 9 pm.

Before I actually started sewing I spent about 20 mins outside under the veranda watching the wind blow and the small amount of rain we had blow past myself and my rabbit "Buddy".

I love block 3 and its my very first attempt at a basket block. This one so far has to be my favourite.

Block 3 "Basket"

Block 4 "Basket Weave"

Block 4 was so easy to make. So far the blocks have been simple to make, but I am sure there will be some that will have me pulling my hair out....hehehe

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

First Senior's Quilt Top Finished.

Its just after 8.30 and I have just finished the quilt top.

Very happy with the end result of the first of I hope six quilts for my "Senior's Quilt" drive.

I said earlier today about working on these tops until next week. But I am thinking I don't have to push myself yet as I have no wadding. So tomorrow I will reward myself with a couple of Farmer's Wife blocks and a Dear Jane block.

Glass Half Full

First off, Happy Australia Day. Weather isn't too hot here, though some rain wouldn't go astray. Hope your Aussie Day is great:)

Pa is safely back in Sydney to mid 20's and rain. Half his luck I say.

I'm a glass half full sort of girl. I make the most of the situation in a favourable light.

I was hoping to have my sewing room back up and running, this is not happening. Pat has come down again with lung pain and feels like crap. This in turn makes his diabetes play up.

Spent last night taking temps, giving pain relief, popping jelly beans and checking sugars. So not a lot of sleep and while I sew today, Pat is sleeping and feeling like crap. If no improvement overnight, off to the doctors tomorrow.

So guess your wondering what I am doing in between playing nurse and being me?

Why sewing of course...lol.

My temporary sewing room and now Pa isn't here, I have taken over with force. To the stage we're eating our meals in the rumpus room and not at the table. Always eat at the table in our house.

Very excited and as I type this post the cream sashing is soaking and just about ready to go out onto the close line. Easiest way to remove memory creases.

First top should be finished by tonight. Nine blocks with sashing and then 2 boarders should make the quilt a nice size for a senior to handle and not trip over. I don't think doing a overly big quilt will serve its purpose well here. A smaller lap quilt size is the way to go.

I think I have enough blocks to make another 3 quilts in this style. The first photo doesn't really show off the amount of fabric I have on the table.

Very excited that I have been able to get this project off so early in the year. I'll continue working on these until the first week of Feb. Then I'll make up the kitchen swap I am involved in.

Love to hear from you, about what you hope to achieve this year, be it big or small. So please drop me a comment and let me know.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Senior Quilts

I am not comfortable calling this project "quilts for oldies" or the elderly. As many of these awesome people are very alert, interdependent and capable of looking after themselves.

Sure we're on a disability pension and have to watch our pennies , but this doesn't mean I can't make a senior feel good and know there is someone out there, thinking of them.

This year I am making it the year of the quilts and to kick start off my quilting year are some 9 patch quilts for them.

Next street over are some units where seniors live. They will be where I will start offering these lap or a bit bigger quilts. I'm just going to knock on the doors, I have heard of items as gifts not reach the seniors in some retirement villages.

Please note...I am not saying this place does that in anyway. Plus I'll be able to write their name on the quilt label as well.

Lets take a look at what I have done so far.

With Pa still here and not having my sewing room and the kitchen table (forever making homemade biscuits and cups of tea...lol) I have only managed to put the blocks into piles, ready for sewing. These blocks were given to me and I am now going to pass on this gift.

I have them wrapped, due to the furkids thinking they maybe able to do better with matching the fabrics.

Stored under the bed and if I can't remember where they are I can look here and see where I put them.

I scored a $10 voucher from Spotlight on Facebook and the yellow fabric was on clearance for $4.00 a metre. I bought 6.2 metres and this will be used for backing.

On the Spotlight page it says, "only 1 voucher per customer per day" so yesterday as we were nearby I called in and bought the blue fabric 3 metres for $2.00 as it was $4.00 a metre as well.

This I am thinking this will make a great border on hopefully 3 of the quilts.

While I am getting the tops together I'll need to save for the wadding. This is going to be the most expensive part of quilts.

I can't wait to get started on them. I am just so excited.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Great Start To 2012

My goodness its not even a fortnight into this new year and so much has happened in my life.

Last Saturday my son James married his Tamara. I couldn't get over how handsome he looked standing at the alter. Tamara made a beautiful bride.

It was a small wedding and the storms in Adelaide didn't affect us at all.

Both Pat & I just love our new daughter. Tamara spoils and adores James and what more could a parent wish for.

Little Cooper was the ring bearer and his mum carried him holding a cushion with the rings on it, up to his Uncle James and his best man Ryan who have been close buddies since grade 3.

Pa has been here for a week now and Pat and I are just enjoying his company so much. My dad & step mum couldn't make the wedding as my dad was in hospital. He's home now and feeling much better.

Both Pa and I love the thrift shops and look what Pa bought me. There are 6 cup and saucers, 4 soup bowls, 2 side plates and 2 entree plates.

I already have a little milk jug that matches in the house.

Pa lives in a bedsit in walking distance from his daughter in Sydney. He loves the place mats I use on our table. Pa loves the idea of being able to just throw them in the washing machine when they need cleaning.

He asked me to make a couple for him. How could I not make them as he's just a lovely man and I am proud to say this coming March he will have been my father in law for 29 year.

Pa is a proud Irishman and last year he went back to Ireland for 3 weeks with his daughter. So when Pa asked for a shamrock on the place mat I was only too happy to do this for him.

I practiced using my blanket stitch on my sewing machine. I thought a small item would be easy to use and move about on my machine.

I bought some stencils with the gift card James & Tamara gave me for Christmas. I used one of the stencils on the place mats. Using free motion to quilt I was rather impressed with the look of it. Not too wonky and was able to follow the fines okay.

Later on when I make some quilts I will use the stencils on the last border. I'll have the quilting part down pack, by the time I finish using the stencils on those quilts.

Hey I wonder what the last 2 weeks of January 2012 will bring me? LOL

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Monday, January 2, 2012

2009 Round Robin Cushion

Back in Jan 2009 I joined a round robin embroidery. It was so exciting as each months the ladies that joined would make a block and embroider something on the fabric sent along.

This was a great way for me to brush up on my stitchery and as the months went by, I became better at what I was stitching.

Also a block was made each month and we wrote in a journal that was supplied.

After I finished those 2 Farmer's Wife block this afternoon, I started making the cushion.

Hardest part was the ruffle and I am happy with the end result. On the 3rd attempt to make the ruffle it worked out. Thank goodness the stitching I unpicked twice was done in a basting stitch.

Not sure what I'll make with the blocks....maybe a big cushion or a mini quilt.

Pat's dad arrives Wednesday and not a lot of sewing will be done until the end of the month. Pa is legally blind and so I can't have all my gear spread through out the house, due to the sewing room becoming Pa's bedroom. It'll be all packed up in the gym room. All I'll get done will be some hand stitching in the evenings after Pa goes to bed.

Through the day I'll be Pa's tea lady as he loves my tea pot....lol

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At Last, I Have Started.

I am so excited as after all these months, I was able to make a start on the Farmer's Wife blocks.

After looking at the book on and off these last 4 months I had time to think about how I would go about making them.

Already I have a lovely selection of civil war reproduction fabrics.

Instead of just showing you the blocks finished, I have added a few photos on how I went about getting the blocks made. This info was on the CD and it was worth the read.

I knew having the cats would come in handy one day, lol. These templates when finished with today, went into a zip lock bag. The templates will be used over and over for different blocks.

Love my sewline pencil as it has a white and a lead pencil for tracing around templates.

Can't go past a small rotary cutting mat and this one was bought specially for template cutting. They can be found at Spotlight.

Now my first two blocks. Like Dear Jane I am going to make the blocks in order. That way I don't make all the easy ones first. Plus I can work the fabrics colours to flow better.

Block 1.
Attic Windows.

Block 2.
Autumn Tints.

This is going to be so addictive and I loved working with the templates.

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello 2012

Happy New Year to my readers, I so hope you are having a cooler start to the year than us. The temp has gone just above the 40 degree mark. Thank goodness for the a/c inside and frozen milk bottles for my bunny "Buddy".

While out giving the chooks & ducks fresh cool water I sprayed water on the soil that was in the shade. When I finished checking the animals, the chooks were sitting in the wet soil and the ducks were in their pond splashing around.

Amy, Ben & Cooper came over for lunch and they left about 2.30 as it was getting time for Coop's afternoon nap. Both Poppy & Nanny then had a lay down and a little nap as lack of sleep last night and the hot weather takes it's toll on us both.

Finally after about 4 months, I have opened and had a look at the Farmer's Wife CD. Very excited that I held off like I had planed.

Tomorrow I'll bring the sewing machine out and make a couple of blocks to kick start me off. Another hot day is forecast for tomorrow.

I'm going to loose my sewing room this Wednesday for a week or 2. Pat's dad is coming over for a visit, as our son James is getting married this coming weekend.

I think I'll be doing more stitchery work than sewing while Pa is here. So glad I am under no pressure with Christmas gifts and such.

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