Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

Yesterday I blogged about some fabric I bought at Spotlight. As promised I am now going to tell you what I want to do with those 6 metres.

Over the last 3 years I have been gifted or won in on blogs some lovely charm squares. Also I have been sent healing hearts blocks.

They have been tucked away in a draw and while cleaning my sewing room out looking for my "purple thang" that has gone missing. I came across these blocks and though..."hello what can I make with you lot?"

Then I had an amazing idea. What about say 3 quilts, tastefully made up and taken to the oldies (pardon using this word) a couple of street away in some units.

Maybe someone there wouldn't mind a quilt a bit bigger than a lap quilt to use on a cold night.

Just seems a shame to have these lovely blocks sitting and not working for a living.

Hence the fabric bought yesterday, as I'll use these 6 meters for backing. Any left over fabric I'll pop aside for something else. Now I just have to chase down some wadding when its out cheaper.

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barb's creations said...

Fantastic idea Leanne,don't forget photo's of the finished quilts :) Barb.

Maria said...

What a wonderful idea and I am sure some of the oldies will be wrapped. LOL

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Great idea, Lucky. I have some heart blocks too, i forgot about them when I was listing my unfinished projects!
DUH! :)

Karen's Korner said...

What a lovely and thoughtful idea. I am sure that your quilts will be well received.

Chris H said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR chick, may this new year bring you happiness and health.