Friday, December 30, 2011

Good Friends

Today was a very special day for me. I was able to join 2 quilting friends in Rundall Mall for lunch and a catch up.

This is the second time Donna and I have caught up with each other, due to Donna visiting family here in Adelaide. Ruth was able to join us both and what a time we had. I've met Ruth before but it was a first time for Donna and Ruth to meet.

Donna, myself and Ruth.

We had a lovely lunch in the Myer Centre and once we had finished eating and talking, we just had to visit Spotlight.

Armed with our vouchers and 30% off fabrics we had a ball looking at fabrics. Ruth was awesome in finding some lovely fabric in the reduced section. She even helped a stranger pick out fabrics for her quilt. This was lovely of Ruth, as usually quilters are a friendly bunch and often talk up a storm and then move on with their own lives.

Ruth left us at 2.30 and after a bit longer in Spotty, we found another coffee shop. We were there for almost 2 hours and that time just flew past so quickly.

So quickly, I have invited Donna to stay a few days to a week, next time she is in Adelaide. We can then sew up a storm and it was suggested over on Our Craft Forum, about having a bit of a get together at my place.

This had me thinking, what an awesome idea. I'm going to keep this idea in the back of my head and suggest it to Donna next year.

Ruth and I also have decided to catch up for a luncheon every couple of months too, from now on.

I am in such a good mood after today.

I bought 2 metres each of these three fabrics. $6.00 a metre and then 30% off, what a bargain.

You'll have to visit me tomorrow afternoon on my blog to see what I am going to use them in.

Very excited about the whole idea.

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Cathy (aka CrafteeCC) said...

great that you could catch up ;-)
and it made the trip into town worth it with a great shopping trip ;-)

Shirlwin said...

How lovely to spend time with Forum Friends!! Love the fabric bargain. Happy New Year!