Sunday, December 11, 2011

First Sunday.

Today was my first Sunday not going across to Khris's place for my weekly dose of Sunday sewing.

I thought I'd be sewing by myself as I still have some Christmas presents to make. Last night around 9.30 I got a SMS from Amanda wanting to know what I was doing today. So happy to say, come on over and sew with me tomorrow.

I was so excited last night I didn't think I was going to sleep.

This morning I set the kitchen area up. I used a single bed sheet to cover the trestle table as its an old wooden one. Good size though for being able to spread ourselves out.

Kitchen table was pushed back against the chest freezer and this became our cutting area. Pat's dad made this table from some staging planks back in Whyalla when the shipyard was going. Its a good solid table and I am guessing some time down the track, it'll be passed onto either Amy or James.

We had the iron set up just to our left in this photo. Just a bit into the rumpus room. Pat was happy to do his usual Sunday things while we talked sewing and went about our items we wanted to make.

Really happy with today's effort, as I made the front of a cushion for Ben's mum. Thinking a frill around the edges will finish it off nicely.

I keep thinking what an awesome day it has been.

Amanda is back Tuesday morning to sew all her cut fabrics in bags. While I will be working on a gift for Ben's dad Tony.

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creativedawn said...

Oh I'm happy you weren't by yourself missing your friend. It will take some getting used to eh?
Merry Christmas...

Maria said...

Sew nice of Amanda to come and stitch with you. I bet you all miss Khris.

wackywoman said...

Perfect! It is true you know. When one door closes, another opens. Quilty hugs my friend.


Chris H said...

How lovely it must be to have someone to sew with.
I'm happy you had a good day.

Liz said...

Sounds like a lovely day. And so productive!!!!