Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Another Day Sewing

Today was another day bonding with Amanda. Pat was collected and spent most of the day shopping with Amy & Cooper.

On went the radio as we both love talk back radio and the sewing started.

Amanda was working on her bags again today.

I finished off Cooper's Santa sack.

Made a label for the Santa sack. I decided to add a liner as it covered the knots from the blanket stitch applique and finished the sack off nicely.

I used left over "Max & Whiskers" by Moda from making the baby quilt, back a couple of months ago.

I'll put my feet up after tea tonight and stitch down the edges on the label.

Then it was onto the next Christmas gift. I'm on a roll.

My first cushion I made back in 2009 had a ruffle and darned if I could remember how I made the ruffle. Yesterday I put a call out on Our Craft Forum for help on how to make the ruffle for a cushion.

Many thanks as the girls came through for me :) Thanks girls.

All pinned and ready for the backing to be made. This cushion is for Amy's mother in law, Anne.

I heard on the grape vine that this year Anne has made a lot of her presents as well....how clever is she???

Now I just have to wait until payday to buy more fabric for the backing. I was going to make this cushion again, but couldn't be stuffed working out and remembering the mistake in the pattern and cutting all the templates out. I used the backing fabric for the ruffle. Guess who's off to Hettie's Patch???? Hehehehe. Any excuse:)

So I made the same cushion as Tamara's (daughter in law on the 7th Jan ) but dressed it up different.

I'll get the inserts on payday as well and then I'll show both Tamara & Anne's finished and ready for wrapping.

Tonight I'll clear my white board in my sewing room and pop my shopping list up, so I don't forget what I need to buy. Time is ticking down.

How are your Christmas gift making going? I'm on track at the moment...lol

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1 comment:

Quiltin' Sandy said...

I love the colours in your cushion, Lucky. For someone who never liked green once-I love it now- even have a green lounge LOL.
You're on a roll and there are going to be some very happy recipients at Chrissy time. :)